Our Consultants

Joseph (Yossi) Amihud – Political Advisor

Mr. Amihud is a former ambassador to the Council of Europe, UNESCO and Mexico, in addition to being a former Spokesman for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a former Consul General in France. Mr. Amihud has been a career diplomat with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel. He served at the Embassies of Israel in Ankara, Turkey and Rome, Italy. He was head of the permanent Israel mission to UNESCO in Paris, consul-general in the south and east of France, representative of Israel to the council of Europe with the rank of ambassador and Ambassador of Israel to Mexico and the Bahamas. In Israel Mr. Amihud served as the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Director of the press department in Jerusalem. He also participated as deputy spokesman of the Israeli delegation to the peace negotiations with Lebanon (following the "Peace for Galilee" operation) and served as the spokesman of the delegation of Israel to the Madrid peace conference. Prior to the assignment as ambassador to Mexico he served as the Director-General of the "State of Israel Bonds" in France. Before joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr. Amihud was an assistant lecturer at the faculty of political sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at the Bar-Ilan University. He has a B.A. degree in Economics and Business administration from Robert College, New York and an M.A. degree in Political Science from Haifa University, Israel. He is also a graduate of the National Security College of the Israel Defence Forces.

Yoni Zilpa – Marketing Advisor

Yoni focuses mostly on institional investments and Provident Funds in Israel. Yoni's knowledge of the market is based on his prior experience. Between 2010 and 2015 Mr. Zilpa served as an Executive Institutions Investing Manager at Psagot, the biggest investing house in Israel. Yoni was in charge of the Alternative Assets in Psagot Provident Funds Department. Between 2005 and 2010 Yoni was the Manager of Corporate and Institution Department and in charge of the Business Development at Menora, one of Israel's biggest insurance companies. Mr. Zilpa started his career in E&Y accounting firm as a Senior Auditor in the Capital Market Department. Yoni holds a BA and MBA with specialization in Financial Management, Accounting and Finance – both from The College of Management (Israel).

Shlomi Zarko – Compliance Consulting and Operation

Shlomi Zarko is the director and founder of Evian Services Ltd, an administrative services company based in U.K., providing administrative assistance and consultancy services to companies active in the financial sector. Prior to his activity involvement in Evian Services Ltd, Mr. Zarko was a financial derivatives trader specialized in market making, also holding managerial positions managing teams of traders. He traded in Israeli and numerous European markets both in currency and index futures and options. His activity in the financial markets enabled him to see the needs of financial sector companies, which he is catering for today. Mr. Zarko holds a BSc from Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Management